Philosophy is mostly considered as an academic discipline where you acquire knowledge about historical philosophical thinkers who have tried to conceptualize ideas and philosophies about the human mind, phenomenon, the language, the political systems etc. From that point of view philosophy is distancing people making a hierarchy of knowledge. Philosophy becomes consumption of life. This is the traditional academic approach.

Based on my approach and experience philosophy is a way of being and thinking. It is a source of knowledge that transcends the present state of mind. It is a force of wonder and brings you the melody of a mind. Actually, philosophy is a kind of music that plays, reflecting the order of frameworks. It is energy that we are capable of transmitting and we celebrate the creational forces by adopting the inner peace of mind.

In that sense, philosophy is your best friend, because of the immense strength it provides you with. It is so much more powerful than any other act of thinking. It can change life. It enlightens itself by bringing you what is needed. It can revitalize the living and it won’t stop making itself available for the human being. It cares about you and the living species.

Morten Paustian