Morten Paustian

It seems like we are all searching for the meaning of life.

We share the fragility of not knowing who we are, why we are here and with whom we should share our life.

We know that love, joy, happiness should be the guidance for what we are doing, but at the end of the day, we are just not faithful enough towards our own integrity and its strength.

Our own faith and spirit is too often being distracted. We are clearly not in contact with ‘The other’. We are far too selfish and self-occupied. It seems like we believe that life isn’t worth sharing with the heart but only with the mind. We become strangers to each other and the hymns from the other side reflect what isn’t there – music!

The hope becomes the last straw from the basket.

As human beings we need to stand up for each other, support each other, create opportunities for each other, help developing each other – we need to be there with a preparedness in order to give and share what is hidden in our destiny. By that, we can hopefully enlighten life as a pathway to a much happier life where success and wonders are taking care of us, hand in hand.  

Morten Paustian