Lectures and Talks

I have given several lectures within Philosophy of Science, Research Methodologies and Action Research. My lectures are characterised either by living cases or by philosophical exercises bringing in the experienced value of knowledge.

My talks are characterised by having a business philosophical approach. By that, I am sharing an organisational issue, a marketing concept, leadership approach etc. from a philosophical perspective. This approach provides the audience with a matter of fact experience combined with the abstraction of the subject.

My talks are always tailor-made for the audience. I never repeat myself. I always try to put the subject first and afterwards I am doing my elaborations developing a philosophical perspective in order to transcend the present state of mind.

I have undertaken a number of talks within many different areas of knowledge such as ‘The Human Hunger for achievements’, ‘Accreditations of University Colleges’, ‘Corporate Values and Identity’, ‘Artistic Approaches and Leadership’, ‘The Pharmaceutical Industry and Marketing’, ‘Business Research and its Philosophical Implications’, ‘Integration and Personal Development’, ‘Loyalty’, ‘The Diary and its Philosophical Research Quality’, ‘Marketing Within the Agricultural Industry’ among others.      

I have been speaker at many conferences and participated in panel discussions.