My methodologies are actually very simple.

I am developing knowledge concepts by transferring thoughts. My mind has the capacity of receiving thoughts and to put these thoughts into a context that overcome the problems presented. It works like a transcendental meditation and provides me with a creational approach towards any kind of challenges.

This position is also likely to be considered as receiving the stream of future characteristics of living, where the knowledge creation follow a positive self-perpetuating dimension of living.

Underneath you find four different approaches that creates knowledge of living.

Pre-studies by pre-sensing

This approach is useful in order to develop projects illustrating contours and images of the collective evolution and life forces.

Reports & evaluations applying a cardiography

This way of thinking is fruitful within evaluations of research projects and developmental processes. It is based on a clear thought process that enlightens the harmony of an initiative and points out the areas of improvements.  

Inspirations & ideas through creativity

This approach enables me to develop conceptual frameworks for people's individual process of development where we are capable of working in a creative way. 

Enlightenments & learning by exercises

It is always important to put oneself in a learning situation, where new and innovative methodologies are appreciated in order to move the human mind and awareness.