This publication is about transforming the mind from being occupied by systems of thoughts to become free of mind. The book is taking the reader through a process of thought development illustrated by five different characters, having a philosophical realization process. Those five processes highlight the significant realizations in relation to replacing the systems of thoughts with intuitions. The characters are the pragmatist, the principled, the idealist, the hermit and the spiritual. They all start out having a specific persuaded mind set and they all end up with an open mind set.

The book is a contribution to the field of knowledge named as philosophical psychology. You can find it here








Who do you want to become – a pilot or a passenger? This philosophical tale is about being a father and son together having a deeper conversation about ‘the mind of living’ covering several philosophical themes such as emotions, thoughts, meaning of life etc. The father and son watch how the seagulls are flying around and then suddenly catch a fish from the sea.

This act of being creates the opening for a philosophical journey. The journey is about raising the mind, becoming a freedom fighter that search for new places to hunt and flight. Among other things the book is addressing one question – How do we become the legendary Jonathan

Livington? In this book, we are touching a little boy learning the conditions to become a freedom fighter in our time. It becomes a fable about how to convey a long journey from one generation to the next. It illustrates how it is to live together as father and son.

‘This book is so delightful - I think that the way it explores and discusses important themes is just wonderful.’ Sarah Odedina (Chief Editor of Harry Potter)

The Danish version

The English version



This book is about the subtle level of knowledge, where individuals are analyzed as ‘places of situations’. They are not egos as such, but people are instead considered as emotional waves that reflect an evolutionary force.

The process of revelation is departing from a genuine and honest biography. This biography is the analytical material for a new methodology within philosophical psychology approached as a practice of four different phases:

The first phase for a counselor would be to feel the emotional status of a problem. Emotions are here considered as an understanding of an organizational mode of the outside.
The second phase takes the counselor into a deeper understanding of the effects of the organizational mode. There is clear focus on effects and not reasons to believe.
The third phase is about reaching the acknowledgment or the essential value of a problem. There is always something to learn and clarify.
The fourth phase is about creating a new pathway with this essential value. It is about finding the happiness in life.

All in all, the book is a practical guide on how to apply the effect of thinking in order to raise the awareness of business developmental from a human perspective.

The book is published by Ålborg University Press. You can find it here    

VÆREN & OMVERDEN (Being and the outside world)

This book presents different experiences of being; having an awareness of and being interlinked with the outside world.

The book is conceptualized as a transformation of Moses 10 commandments. In this book the commandments are transformed into 10 aphorisms unfolded as leading ideas in order to connect with the outside world. 

The book leads individuals towards philosophical solutions in terms of being open towards the outside world in certain ways that actually overcome the traditional detachtments between 'subjectivity' and 'the outside world'.

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FILOSOFIENS MØDE MED MARKEDET (Philosophy meets the market)

This book is in Danish, published March 2015 by Aalborg University Press.

The spontaneous act of thinking seems to be one way of merging market economic thinking with development of philosophical knowledge. This book is creating a philosophical awareness about how the market economic thinking is influencing the human consciousness and our leadership. Furthermore, it is providing the reader with ideas on how to apply philosophical skills as approaches that overcome the dysfunctionalities of the market economy.

The book is furthermore illustrating a process of conceptual frameworks that develop the creational forces in order to expand the awareness of practicing philosophy within business development as well as leadership development. 

You can find the book here


FORSKNINGENS METAFYSIK (The Metaphysics of doing Research)

This book is in Danish, published February 2015 by Aalborg University Press.

This publication is the lastest research within Philosophy as a Leadership capacity. Philosophy becomes a 3rd order leadership approach revitalizing research and the fundamentals within research. Throughout the entire book the traditional research paradigms are challenged and replaced by new knowledge concepts and a wide open space for thought development.

Reviewer of this book is highligting the philosophical ambition, overcoming the dichotomy between subject/object by experiencing thought as a space in itself. The book takes you on a transformational travel where philosophy is opening up for new revelations clarifying the metaphysics of research from a philosophical point of view.

You can find the book here



- Methodologies to Enrich Life Forces and Originality 

The publication is available at either as an E-book or in a printed version. It will later this year be available at Amazon and at Barnes & Nobles etc.

It is written in English and is published by LuLu in US. 

This book brings the mind of the philosopher to the business world.

The book offers completely new philosophical insight to business. Through use of the methodological framework known as cardiography, practitioners learn to embrace their life forces and originality as inspirational guidelines to develop new business ideas.

You can find the book here



- The Practice of Philosophical Counseling in Everyday Life 

The publication is available at either as an E-book or in a printed version. It will later this year be available at Amazon and at Barnes & Nobles etc. It is written in English and is published by LuLu in US.

In this book leadership development is introduced as a self-creating study motivated by the need to illustrate the practice of intuition. In order to do so, a process of development occurs, to unfold and expand human awareness. Through this process, the concept that human consciousness is present anytime and anywhere appears for consideration.

You can find the book here


Clear Thinking

This book is rather unusual. It suggests that the structure of the book is unintented organized like the symbol shown on the front page. It is furthermore written with no references of literature at all (pure thoughts) besides a diary. The philosophical inquires are based on a dairy conducted in two weeks.

The first part is an illustration of a process, emancipating myself from being victimized by a conflict of loyalty.

The second part is a deeper reflection on the substance of developing thoughts of inspirations with the purpose of living out clarity.

The complete research is now published as this book of guidance, developing clear thinking reflecting how a process of personal development goes hand in hand with the ability to develop a clear mind.

You can find the book here

Life forces & Originality

This project is going through a selected number of philosophers. The analysis is presenting valuable insights into new perspectives on methodological ideas, inherited in doing philosophy based on different approaches.

The book is presenting methodological ideas that transcend traditional knowledge concepts. It is illustrating hand-picked philosophers who have contributed with a number of important ways of practicing life forces and originality.

The book is the first book out of a trilogy.

You can find the book here


The Value of Philosophy

This book is number two in the trilogy about philosophical leadership and expanding the human mind.

Practicing the methodological ideas to embrace life forces and originality, makes philosophy a creative practice where we are capable of identifying a pattern in thought processes. It seems like philosophy is a practice of transferring thoughts.This pattern illustrates a body of knowledge where individuals are capable of leading a process of development solely by thinking without doing any interaction with the otherness.

The thoughts are more than just thoughts. They contain a magnificient energy of change to develope a force of coherency that determines a way of being, doing and becoming. 

You can find the book here

Intuition & Research

When it comes to develop scientific research, the arguments, the logic, the premises, the philosophical position are often considered to be more important than actual findings and knowledge development. Normally, you would therefore say that intuition is not a justfied way of handling research, and especially not when it comes to classical philosophical research.

In this 3rd book of the trilogy, I have created ideas about philosophical inquiries practicing intuition and leadership of research projects. 

The book is presenting a controversial insight. It seems like praciticing intuition in the context of research, we are capable of gathering knowledge about 'in-betweens', which means the organizational level of knowledge. And the finding is that, the spirituality is imbedded in any kind of research process - it is just not necessarily evoken and comprehensively reflected.

You can find the book here 

The Effect of Philosophy

This book is presenting a thought process of an integration project carried out in tight collaboration with a Danish insurance company and its foundation. The book presents the philosophical value of this process.

It reveals a truthfulness about leading a group of young 2nd generation immigrants with a criminal record. 

The philosophical idea of the project was to create a space and ways of interaction, where each individual had the opportunity to realize a connection on an emotional level and through the practice of thought.

Philosophy was so to speak the organizational practice of thought development, and it became the only effectful way of integrating, transcending the discoursive level of interaction.

You can find the book here

The Practice of Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy is a newly developed area of research and development. Introducing the practices of Business Philosophy, makes the value of this research area comprehensable. The book presents a number of different areas where business development goes hand-in-hand with philosophy. 

The idea of the book is to illustrate how immanent structures of thought development contribute to develop - not only business - but also the practice of philosophy and its value. Creativity is the overall value of practicing Business Philosophy, by which new conceptual frameworks are developed and can be integrated in consultancy.

You can find the book here



The Moment of Reality

This book is a collection of essays. It is a rather challenging book and probably the most sophicated way of doing philosophy. 

It provides us with knowledge on creativity as if this practice is a movement of the human mind. The methodology is a holographic design, where thoughts are discussed and illustrated as the creation of space.

The holographic design is an approach where philosophy becomes 'an architecture' in order to organize experiences of philosophical climpses.

You can find the book here


Loyalty & Dignity

Loyalty - An Antology of Dignity is presenting a number of different ideas and stories about loyalty and its effect on people's situation and life. It mainly contains contributions from business people, researchers and writers etc. 

The book covers a variety of perspectives on loyalty. It is probably one of the most dramatic concepts of all and therefore it is obviously the most interesting concepts to analyse and to create an awarenss about. The essence of loyalty seems to be the value of ones own spirituality - being loyal to that makes life a jorney of discovery. Nothing is taken granted.   

You can find the book here

Branding Philosophy

The philosophy of branding is an allegory of the Divine Comedy written by Dante. It is a philosophical way of presenting and analyzing branding as a phenomenon. The book came out in 2003, where branding was just about to become a highly valued way of thinking, pursuing the intagible value of a business in a magical way.

I believe the book is still valuable, considering business concepts that are trying to create magic without leaving the enactment to the individuals. People who misuse the power of poetic thinking will experience a tough time, and certainly there is a whole industry doing that - the acting game players. 

You can download the entire book here