Research areas

Philosophical Leadership is the key concept in my philosophical research. This area of research is about how philosophy can be practiced as a guidance in life. Philosophical Leadership is a rather new concept. It covers the opportunities to transcend human problems and issues caused by demanding power structures related to principles, axioms, philosophical positions within dominating paradigms, classical research methodologies etc. These scientific procedures often erode the process of thought development, and the illustration of knowledge production. That order of knowledge is possible to change transferring thoughts.

Philosophy of Mind is another aspect of my research. Individuals will over the coming years probably experience crisis after crisis caused by lack of intuition and lack of freedom in mind. The challenge is to listen to the mind. The human being cannot any longer accept or obey frameworks where resilience or originality are removed or dissolved. The intution needs to be nurthered and practiced in order to overcome devastating approaches.  

Loyalty was one of the first areas of research that helped me to think about having a life in peace. Nonetheless, loyalty can in some versions become a silent meltdown, when it takes away the openness and the awakenings of individuals. It often becomes a discpline of personal relationships instead of inspirering individuals to feel the need of coherency in life.

Philosophical Psychology is my latest area of research and the overall message is to consider emotions as something that emerge as an atmosphere - they are not a private matter but emerge from the outside and from to time to time, they occupy life in order to create an awareness. The only way to overcome emtions is by thinking, as the activity of creating new ideas and relations to the outer world.  

The Value of Art and artistic inspiration is a returning subject for discussion, but art is actually not a subject to be discussed. It is a form of expression that fulfils the need of reflecting the outside world as it could be. I have undertaken studies of artistic activities and art in itself, and it seems like art is the creation of what is absent. It is the twin to philosophical thinking just created as a sensation.

Business Development and Capitalism are two concepts that create a force of coherence that shapes life in a certain way. Value propositions become the most important logic resulting from a circular awareness of market dynamics. The process of shaping is a process of simplicity towards a numerical understanding of value. Business development is likely to be seen as a self-perpetuating process, where the developmental part is multiplying itself.